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Our Products

                                        Fire Alarm Systems

                                        We provide a complete range of advanced conventional

                                        and addressable fire alarm systems, detectors, signalling devices

                                        and accessories for any new or retrofit application.

                                        Gas Alarm System

                                        We have an extensive and reliable range of fixed and

                                        portable gas detection systems, detectors and monitors

                                        for offshore and marine  demands.

                                       Industrial Gases

                                        From oxygen, nitrogen, methane, butane and hydrogen

                                        to specialty gases, we enable  customers to improve their

                                        environmental performance, product quality and productivity. 

                                       General Emergency Alarm System

                                        The general emergency signal is a signal used onboard ships

                                        in times of emergency. It shall be used for summoning the

                                        passengers and crew to muster stations. The general emergency

                                        alarm sounds an alarm signal consisting of seven short blasts

                                        followed by one long blast on the ship's whistle and internal

                                        alarm system.

                                        Fire Fighting Equipment

                                        Our product range comprises pumps with drivers, monitors,

                                        foam mixers, deluge systems, remote control systems and all 

                                        related equipment for a complete system.

Marine Communications

We offer a myriad of shipboard communication systems

– Auto telephone system, PAGA system, common battery
and sound powered telephones.

Navigation Equipment

We offer a wide variety of proven products to enhance ship

and vessel performance, reliability, safety, and security as

a fully integrated navigational system.

Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System

The purpose of the Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System is to

ensure that a vessel is under the control of the Officer of the Watch

at all times and to ensure the wheel house is never unmanned.

This was made mandatory under SOLAS Chapter V Regulation 19.

Testing Tools & Equipment

Home to fire instrument design engineers & ship crew, our fire

detector test and service equipment comply with international

codes and standards.

Spare Parts Supply

We offer you a comprehensive range of genuine and brand new

spare parts for your systems. We are constantly expanding

our product and service range so that we can meet our customers'

needs globally.