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We have a built a stable foundation over the past decade. We learnt

from our previous experiences and safeguard the traditions that have built our brand.

Since inception, we have followed a couple of fundamental values to shape our operations.


Core Values

Our values are our soul. We find them in every action we take.

                                Pioneering Spirit

                                        We take courage to make new pathways - technical, 
                                        organisational and financial
– without risking our assets.

                                Long-Term Perspective

                                        We invest for the long term and we manage our operations

                                        with a long-term approach.

                                        Our employees are expected to conduct themselves
                                        in a professional and legal compliant manner.

                                        We are committed to comply with both national and
                                        international environmental regulations. We encourage our
                                        business partners to reduce their environmental impact.

Today our engineering capabilities allow us
to provide expert solutions for a number of industries.

- Offshore Oil and Gas

- Commercial Marine

- Navy

- Ship Building

- Industrial Gas